In Japan...

"Hey, is that a ninja up there?"
(Japan, Aug 20 - Sep 19, 2011)

September 05, 2011


Coming back to Japan almost feels normal, which itself is strange. Despite all the massive differences, I remember all the little intricacies to the point where it felt so very familiar. Arriving at the office on Monday, rather than faced with an endless number of new faces and a list of even newer names to remember (see last time), I was greated by many of the those who I met 10 months ago.

Max: "Hello (Name), so nice to see you again."
Every person I greated:  "Aaaahhh!", with a shocked, smiling expression on their face.

Everyone was amazed that I actually remembered their name; I was shocked that they didn't expect me to!

I arrived in August this time opposed to November. As I mentioned last post, I'm often in Florida at this time of year. As it turns out Japan has a very similar climate, i.e. hot and incredibly humid days in the middle of a typhoon season. However, Japan is still recovering from the Earthquake/tsunami disaster, therefore across the country there have been recommended energy cutbacks.

Everything from streetlights to elevators have been affected, but most importantly...air conditioning, which is recommended to be set no lower than 28 C. Tell me how anyone can be mentally productive whilst being permanently coated in a thin layer of sweat. Hey Japan, how about you turn off 10% of the millions of refrigerated vending machines that you have littering your country? Then you could let us turn it down to 27.

I should finish on a high, because I have been lent the lab bicycle (a real bicycle, not a rare, permiscuous, Japanese girl).

Check it out, metallic sky blue paint job, aluminium chassis, 3-speed internal gear hub, back-wheel safety lock, kick stand, bell and a sick basket on front! And with all this I have been able to fulfil one of my Japanese fantasies from last time, cycling in the rain with an umbrella up! (NB. I've been informed that this is actually illegal, but that doesn't seem to stop people, at least around campus).

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  1. Hey, kiddo, I feel for you over there in the heat. I can't believe the air conditioning restrictions - keep drinking water! And hey, what a racey bicycle you have there. You must feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - even room for Toto in the basket. And don't let one of those typhoons send you to Oz! Hoping for a picture of the bike + umbrella! Good luck!