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November 30, 2010


So over the past week all the glands around my neck decided to swell up like marbles. It is difficult and painful to swallow and sleep, and feels like a permanent headache all around my neck. I joked about how this could be due to the lack of certain things in my diet since being over here (pizza, Snickers, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, beer etc.), but I think it is the ghost of my previously-infected but now extracted tooth coming back to haunt me again. It already caused me great pain in Germany a few months ago, and now it is back for more. Thankfully this time I do not look like a hamster.

I went to the doctor on Monday morning (and if Max goes to the doctor, you know it's serious). A women from the accomodation office where I am staying (who spoke good English and literally had just got into work) accompanied me to the university health service to be my interpreter.

After filling in a small form (not a 10-page life history like in America) and having my temperature taken to ensure I wasn't an infectious fever monster, I sat in what would be called a waiting room, but it was more of a very long bench against the wall. I soon understood why they did not need such a large waiting space though, as I was seen within 5 minutes of my arrival - score.

The doctor could speak good English too, and was very thorough. Ended up giving me 6 days of a penicillin-type antibiotics and told me to come back if anything got worse. I went to reception but was politely told to leave after I looked confused at not having to pay a fee. I think the uni health service is free but I am not officially a visiting student or staff member...

Here's to hoping the drugs will work. Since it is St. Andrews day, I am going to celebrate the great Alexander Fleming! Tomorrow: more toilets!

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