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"Hey, is that a ninja up there?"
(Japan, Aug 20 - Sep 19, 2011)

November 12, 2010

Week 1 summary

So I have been in this strange land for one week, so here is a little summary.

The weather is actually very nice: sunny and warm during the day; cool and still in the evening. Today was literally the only day where it has been overcast. The locals question how I can walk around in just a t-shirt during the day, then I tell them what Scotland is like. There is no heating in my flat however, so the evenings alone can be rather bitter. I need to get myself a pair of snazzy Japanese room slippers...or a fat Japanese cat.

It can be rather lonely in the flat; no internet, no mobile, only Japanese TV (a whole other post)... The common room near the accommodation office does has internet access, but is only open until 10pm and is full of other internationals talking on Skype. It is odd walking into a large room full of people, dressed down and in socks, all on their laptops and not talking to each other. It's like an incredibly nerdy slumber party. However, thanks to a very beautiful friend of mine, I was made aware that I can access the BBC iplayer using my Edinburgh Uni VPN to trick it into thinking I'm in the UK! Now I can download stuff at work and watch at my leisure over some freshly-cooked noodles :).

I was going to make another blog solely about toilets, but given that I've only seen one interesting one in my whole time here it will have to be merged into this blog. Tomorrow: my toilet.

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